Shepway Bowlers @ Potters

Monday 29th October 2018 11:52 am


A large group of bowlers from local outdoor clubs and who also play at Folkestone Indoor Bowls Club during the winter and recently had their yearly, five day break at Potters Resort , the home of International Bowls, Hopton-on-Sea Norfolk. Twelve teams and their friends arrived at Potters full of enthusiasm and during the next 4 days each team played had four matches against clubs from all over the country (there were over 100 teams at the event), Shepway was very successful and had four teams in the last 16 groups and Sharon Todd, Jean Phillips and Anita Jones reached the quarter-finals (this team was the 2017 winner). Shepway was the highest winning team and Julie Baker, received a cup from Greg Harlow ranked world number 1, on Shepway Bowler’s behalf for their excellent performance during the tournament. Thank you Julie Baker for this Report. Well done Bowlers